Educators need support more than ever during these challenging educational times. I support my audience in shifting their thinking in preparation for the demand for tech ready teachers. I share tools that will help accelerate student achievement, increase motivation, and deepen interaction with your students.

Don’t allow your educators to be left behind in this ever-evolving digital world. I am here to help foster more fearless educators by offering speaking engagements that focus on personal and technical development in the areas that matter most. I aim to transform the learning environment with a new army of trained and inspired teachers. With my years of experience, I help teachers to find their tech potential and work to engage in discussions that focus on educational solutions for ensuring students excel—no matter what the barriers!


Simple Tech to Engage Students

With so many ed-tech tools being introduced, it can feel overwhelming to train educators with the knowledge to use all of them efficiently. Learn about the three power tools that are simple and easy for any level educator to use. Tools don’t engage students. Teachers use tools to engage students. Let’s discuss the difference and have teachers making more connections and increasing their love for teaching.

Becoming a Fearless + Resilient Educator

Learn what it means to be a fearless and resilient educator and take back your balance. Discussion will highlight how these qualities are the most important aspects of social emotional learning. As we learn to develop, support, and model fearlessness and resilience in ourselves it ultimately create it in our students. 

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