Educators need support more than ever during these challenging remote learning times. I support my audience in shifting their thinking in preparation for the demand for tech ready teachers. I share tools that will help accelerate student achievement, increase motivation, and deepen interaction with your students.

Don’t allow your educators to be left behind in this ever-evolving digital world. I am here to help foster more fearless educators by offering speaking engagements that focus on personal and technical development in the areas that matter most. I aim to transform the virtual learning environment with a new army of trained and inspired teachers. With my years of experience, I help teachers to find their tech potential and work to engage in discussions that focus on educational solutions for ensuring students excel—no matter what the barriers!


Become a Fearless Educator in a Virtual Learning Environment

No longer be weighed down by the number of programs and different digital tools. These platforms have been designed to make virtual learning more accessible and convenient for everyone. We will aid you through every step so you don’t feel overwhelmed so you are not held back from reaching your true potential. Learn simple strategies for easy virtual instruction that will leave you equipped and confident to lead your next virtual session.

Communicate with and Empower Parents Remotely

As we move into the future, finding creative ways to communicate and get feedback from parents is critical for the success of students learning remotely. Learn from a veteran virtual teacher proven techniques used to empower and informed her middle school parents. Learn ways

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