Inspiring and Promoting a Culture
Fearless Educators

My mission is to help create Fearless Educators who
use simple tech tools to transform learning and teaching!


Create effective learning opportunities effectively and efficiently with specialized EdTech tools. Bring more fun and interaction to your lessons—while spending less time in design—when you shift from traditional methods of teaching. Find out how to blend creativity and technology for greater fulfillment in your job!


Feel inspired and creative when you conduct your virtual lessons. Get past buzzwords and jargon to unlock true innovation. Utilize and explore the practical aspects of implementing different activities such as genius hour, blended learning, and much more.


Learn and adopt different methods and techniques to drive attention and motivation in your lessons. Use key features such as visual aids, effective feedback, and interactive discussions.


With the recent pandemic, online teaching has become the only available option for students all over the world to continue their studies. Teachers should not be left out in this process! We offer a vast amount of knowledge to operate your classrooms with a drive for learning during these challenging times.

Join the movement to aid teachers to find the confidence to teach virtually. You are not alone! Many teachers have steadily become skilled at using technological tools to enhance their lessons.

I am dedicated to providing professional and impactful experiences to our clients.  Our goal – to develop your technical, teaching, and engagement skills.

Teacher Testimonials


Kendra Thurston, High School Virtual Teacher

Mrs. Odileke is an amazing teacher trainer! As I started my first year of virtual teaching she provided invaluable guidance and assistance in helping me transfer my brick and mortar teaching practices and skills to a virtual environment.


Sherod Hunt Middle School Virtual Teacher

The techniques I have learned have helped to increase engagement and performance within my virtual classroom. The sessions have developed me as an educator in working with the 21st century student.


Elizabeth Jones Middle School Virtual Teacher

have been in the virtual education space for almost 10 years and never met another educator with more knowledge on various virtual platforms than Olivia. Olivia’s data driven, student success centered approach makes her an invaluable resource to her students and the virtual academic community.


Jakiera Gosa, Middle School Virtual Teacher

Mrs. Olivia Odileke has helped me to make essential connections between the best practices in brick-and-mortar and the tools and strategies necessary to be a highly-effective virtual teacher. I am now more equipped to serve the needs of every student in a virtual environment

Upcoming Events & Trainings

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Nearpod

February 7, 2021 4pm EST

Spring Cue 2021

March 21, 2021 4-5 PM PT

Engage + Transform Your Remote Teaching

February 13, 2021
8am to 4pm MST

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