I am Olivia Odileke, here to serve as a guide to helping teachers become more confident in effectively integrating technology with research-based instructional practices. My mission is to transform learning experiences, one teacher at a time.

I am a proud native of Belle Glade, Florida. My educational background consists of a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I then received my M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Florida Atlantic University. I hold a vast array of professional experience dedicated to the educational sector. I spent over a decade working as an educator in Title I Schools in Florida. I have also worked as a math coach and teacher as well as a Title 1 and science teacher. I have served as a virtual teacher with K-12 Schools and served as a Training Specialist with Stride Inc.

I am the owner of Kampus Insights, a company created to provide teachers with additional support and training to help bridge the gap between the needs of students and the modernization of technology.

Stepping away from the classroom, I continued to broaden my skills and soon became a certified level 3 trainer with Nearpod and served as a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt regional math consultant. I won over $15,000 in educational grants to support project-based learning. I wrote more than 30 published lessons for Cpalms.org, Nearpod, and Pearson.

I served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Dominica. Afterwards I returned to host Hour of Power, a weekly radio program in Dominica.  I served as the Google Educators Group Leader for Florida.

With all my training, studies, and work I can confidently proclaim myself an expert in education that increases student engagement and the simple tech tools needed to do it confidently. I will help educators gain access to different tools and gadgets to aid their lessons and drive student curiosity, interaction, and learning.

Every teacher’s wish is to set their students on a successful path towards more learning and achievements. Being a presenter of many conferences including FETC, Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, Florida Association of School Administrators, and several other ed-tech conferences in nationwide I hope to share my knowledge with others who don’t feel confident in speaking. I have also authored Kampus Insights to the Max: a 5-year plan for college success and a Beginner’s Guide to virtual teaching with Nearpod. Alongside these projects, I bring my time and expertise to educators who want it.

Join me and gain inspiration, courage, and knowledge in the use of technology in education!

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