Beginner's Guide to Nearpod

Get ready for an easy to read and apply guide to using Nearpod to transform your virtual—or even in-classroom—teaching.

Ever wonder what teaching was like before projectors, the Internet, YouTube videos, or PowerPoint? Technology has played a key role in helping shape the level of academic engagement in the virtual classroom, something many educators could only imagine twenty years ago. Nearpod is positioning itself to be another power tool that will soon have educators saying, “How were we collecting data and engaging our students before Nearpod?”

A Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod begins the journey by allowing educators to imagine a classroom in which everyone participates, and everyone’s unique learning needs are addressed in real time

Welcome to the future of education! This book will equip you with the necessary tools to transform your teaching and student learning.


  • How Nearpod Benefits Virtual Teachers
  • Focus on the Most Important Thing
  • Using Nearpod to Transform Virtual Education
  • Getting Started with Ready Made Lessons
  • Lesson Plan Design
  • Differentiate Your Lessons
  • Launching Your Virtual Lessons
  • What to Do with Reports
  • Reflect on Your Practice
  • FAQ

  Press Release

Training Specialist and Certified Nearpod Trainer Olivia Odileke Launches Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod: A Tool for Transforming Virtual Teaching in K-12


Odileke’s new book focuses on helping educators with virtual teaching by offering tips and easy to implement strategies to promote student engagement.


MELBOURNE, FL– As students across the world transition to a virtual learning environment, there exist students who always have their hands raised to participate and those who are hesitant to engage. According to a poll conducted by the National Parents Union in September 2020 of more than 1,000 public school parents, 58% of students learn entirely online. Another 18% receive a combination of remote and in-person instruction, with less than a quarter of students learning entirely in-person.


Recognizing the challenges teachers face meeting student needs while adapting to the constant changes that come with virtual learning and getting students to participate during a global pandemic; Olivia Odileke’s new book Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod: A Tool for Transforming Virtual Teaching in K-12 will give educators tips and strategies for improving student engagement using the Nearpod tool.

With Nearpod, students can participate in lessons that contain virtual reality, 3D objects, PhET simulations, and so much more. Using Odileke’s book as a roadmap, educators can engage students as they learn while having fun.


“My goal is to help teachers be fearless in meeting the ever-changing needs of our nation’s students. We must unlearn and relearn virtual teaching strategies that make sense and work for our communities, especially our urban communities. Everything starts with a teacher.”
Olivia Odileke


Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod: A Tool for Transforming Virtual Teaching in K-12 is available on Amazon in both Kindle and printed versions and can be purchased by clicking here. If purchased on Amazon between  January 5th – 8th, 2020, the book is free of charge, and the purchaser is responsible for shipping and handling.

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