Engagement Training

Each workshop comes with two follow-up virtual or online course sessions.

Option 1: 1 HR Online Review Course with practice sessions.
One- 45 minute virtual PD for follow-up questions and sharing classroom practices.
Option 2: Two- 45 minute virtual PD sessions for support in implementing workshop goals.

Engage & Transform Your Teaching Experience with Nearpod for Intermediate Tech Users

Are you using or really want to use  Nearpod more for your lessons? Want to implement more effective strategies on increasing the academic rigor of your classes?  Are you tired of spending hours trying to plan engaging lessons? Want to feel more confident in implementing your live lessons? Learn how to create simple lessons that make the students do more of the thinking. This course will spend time developing differentiated lessons that meet the needs of all learners. Experience an interactive lesson that is easy to plan and allows you to collect relevant real time data. Most of all, explore effective student -centered instructional methods that will transform your virtual teaching experience. Get ready to make teaching FUN again!

7 HR Workshop

Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies

Educators will become familiar with six principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching. Educators will investigate their classroom and reimagine a culture where students are the center of the learning experience. Instead of adhering to normalized practices, educators will challenge their ideas and recreate a classroom experience where diverse narratives, perspectives, and ideals are magnified, amplified, and driven throughout their learning.

3 HR Workshop

Set and Create Multimedia Enriched Classroom Expectations that Motivate Students to Excel

Learn how to create specific expectations for the desired behavior you desire, how to create and maintain a positive classroom culture, how to use the video purposefully in your lessons, and how to create a video that models what you expect in your classroom whether virtual or in brick and mortar.  Leave the session with your own expectation video to use immediately in your classroom. If you want to go beyond writing your expectations on a classroom poster, then you will need to attend this workshop.

7 HR Workshop

Introduction to Project-Based Learning for Any Subject

Want to implement a project that develops the collaboration and professional skills of your students? Learn and explore the 7 key pillars of project-based learning by exploring a sample project from a student’s perspective. Leave with concrete ways to take your course standards and transform them into exceptional learning experiences.

7 HR Workshop

Make Differentiation for Small Group More Engaging & Manageable with Nearpod

Want to make your small groups more targeted and meaningful to all your students? If so, join this session to learn how to customize Nearpod ready-made lessons to help offer students choice during your small group times. You will learn what three types of lessons to create and how to track student work in real-time. You will never be in fear of differentiation with the strategies you will gain from this practical and engaging session. 

2 HR Workshop

Transform Student Engagement  with Nearpod for Beginner Tech Users

Want to create simple but engaging student-centered lessons?  Want to feel more confident in implementing your live lessons? Learn the basic 5 elements of an engaging lesson using the ed-tech tool Nearpod.  Develop tasks that get students thinking more in your classes.  Experience interactive lessons that are easy to plan and allows you to collect relevant real time data. Most of all, explore effective student -centered instructional methods that will increase student engagement in  your class. Get ready to be inspired!

4 HR Workshop

Differentiate Your Math Content to Meet the Needs of your  Diverse Learners

Learn how to use Nearpod to create differentiation mini lessons within your whole group lessons. The goal is to provide mini lessons that give students choice and allow students to access personalized learning paths at their own pace. We will also focus on strategies to use when the data tells you that a student is not doing well in a mathematical topic.  Participants strongly encourage to have basic technology skills to enroll in the course. Educators in grades 5th – 12th targeted for this training.

6 HR Workshop

Spark Student Learning with Quick Inquiry Tasks

If you are struggling to get students to think in any learning environment, learn simple ways to integrate technology to facilitate inquiry-based tasks in less than 15 minutes. Learn how to spark student’s learning in your topic by facilitating discussions around inquiry-based tasks. Experience a math inquiry task, review examples of simple tasks for all core subjects, and leave with ideas for your own classroom.

2-3 HR Workshop

Purposeful Math Choices for Teacher and Student Success

Teachers will explore each of their district’s math interventions programs and explore ways to customize and target the learning for their math groups and centers.  The goal is to choose a program on purpose for the needs of individual students. 

2-3 HR Workshop

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